Morgan Gulbranson
Mental Health Practitioner
Counseling Associates, LLC & In The Moment Counseling

What to expect

To set up your first appointment with me, you can call or e-mail to schedule a time that works best for you. Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before our initial meeting and be prepared to complete some required paperwork. If you have insurance, please bring your insurance card with you. This will only be necessary for our first appointment unless your insurance changes.

During our first session you can expect me to look over some of your paperwork and discuss it with you. I also  will let you know a little bit about myself as far as experience and education. At this time I would also like to talk about what has brought you in and what you hope to gain from this experience. If you have any further questions for me regarding what to expect going forward, or if there is anything else you want to know about me before we get started, our first session is a good time to ask. 

It is important to me that our time together feels useful to you. For this to happen it is essential that we make a connection in order for you to feel safe, respected and comfortable. Please know that all of our conversations are completely confidential and private. 

In the following  sessions together we will discuss and set goals you would like to work towards and/or changes you would like to make. Once we have established what you want we can come up with a plan on how to make this happen. I am here to listen, help, and guide you through discussion using biofeedback, motivational interviewing, coaching, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy and other therapeutic techniques. With children I primarily use play and art therapy. Sometimes its nice to go on a walk together when the weather is nice or I have office locations in Winona and La Crescent. 

Each session lasts around 50 minutes. Typically I suggest meeting up every week, every other week, or once a month but this is completely up to you. Our meetings together can continue as long as needed. 



Please Remember...

  • Therapy will not be successful unless you want it to be. You have to want to be here and you have to want to make a change. 
  • Therapy alone will not "fix" you. Your therapist will not "fix" you. YOU will "fix" you.  I am here to help you help yourself.
  • Therapy will not work if you have unrealistic expectations. As you progress, your goals can be reviewed and redefinned if necessary.
  • Therapy is not an instant fix. Change does not happen overnight. Everything takes time. Trust the process.